waking by Matthew Sanford

waking by sanford, mathew
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I’m surprised that this book hasn’t gotten more attention. I bought this book after hearing Matt Sanford interviewed on Speaking of Faith. He is a yoga teacher who is paralyzed from the chest down.

As a yoga teacher, myself, as well as a reiki channel, I felt some obligation to read it. I wanted to get more insight into the mind-body connection; especially from the perspective of a mind and body that is so different from my own.

I found it both insightful and inspirational. It contains a lot of observations that are obvious, but usually overlooked due to preconceived notions and the mind-body disconnect.

I believe anyone who loves a tale about healing and self-discovery would enjoy this book. The mind-body stuff might be difficult to follow for someone who is unfamiliar with the concept.

From the book:

If nothing else, my life has taught me one thing: The mind and body that I have are the only mind and body that I have. They deserve my attention. And when I give it, I receive so much more in return.

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