I haven't added any new captions, but lately, merely putting a sentence together has become an arduous task.

I had to get rid of most of my About and Intro to Drawings sections because the writing is absolutely apalling.

I know that it's a pretty rare person who will actually look at this website twice, but in the unlikely event that this has happened, please kindly forget all the annoying and badly written text. Let's hope and pray together that someday I will write something that makes sense.

I've been slowly adding captions to the galleries. I started doing the smaller galleries first, with the exception of the Cavern Diving one.

Once I get through those, I'll probably make a guestbook and maybe eventually invent something I can do with PHP.

I know that it's taken me an insanely long time to produce a very small amount of work here. I really have no idea what I've been doing with my time.

Luckily, I know you haven't been biting your nails over it. At least, I hope you haven't.

I've added captions for the cavern diving pictures, but not for any of the other galleries.